This section is for you, who are looking for an original design solution to illuminate your spaces: indoors and outdoors! Here you will find our lighting systems: solutions designed to put together components and textile cables in original combinations and completely customizable to everyone's needs.

  • EIVA, the first modular outdoor IP65 lighting system
  • Filè, the wall, and ceiling system with IP44 string light cable and 100% Made in Italy wooden components
  • Syntax®, the indoor solution that exploits the timeless charm of s14d light bulbs
  • Tubes, the fabric-covered duct system to create a customized visible system
  • Lumet, the colorful catenaries made in Creative-Cables to illuminate your special outdoor moments
  • Spostaluce, the system that allows you to move the light wherever you need it
  • Magnetic, the magnetic lamp system that makes the lighting of your indoor spaces flexible

Do you want to know how to make the most of the potential of our systems? Do you need a customized solution to illuminate your rooms? Chat with one of our sales staff, write to us at