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Plugs and sockets

Our schuko and 10A plugs and our sockets are ideal for setting up your wiring on your own, for table lamps or to create any lamp that needs to be...

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  • £ 3.10 Available
    Fused UK plug, rewirable type suitable for class I - II appliances.
  • LUMET IP44
    £ 9.60 Available
    The string lights are the configurable solution made by Creative-Cables to illuminate outdoor environments. This black thermoplastic Schuko plug is specifically designed to compose your string lights on your own. The string lights are provided with a schuko plug and you will therefore require an adapter.
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 7.20 Available to Reserve - Allow 10 working days for delivery
    EIVA is the outdoor lighting system designed by Creative-Cables that allows you to create customised lighting according to your needs and style, relying on the safety of a fully water and rainproof product.This black plastic Schuko plug may be used to create lighting with outdoor cables and EIVA system components, without needing to change your...
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items