Colored cable conduit

Tubes is a Creative-Cables system that combines the aesthetics of textile coating with the practical aspect of a flexible surface-mounted system. No more plastic electrical conduits and rigid metal pipes.

Choose TUBES because it is:



Create a beautiful and functional system that takes your daily needs into account.



Creative-Tube retains its shape even when bent.



Draw on the walls without compromising on the highest safety standards.

Create your personalized system

1 - Start with the color

With Creative-Tubes, you can create a visible system that reflects the style of your interior. Choose from the available upholstery fabrics based on the effect you want to achieve: bright colors for a clear contrast, geometric crossings for those who do not give up the charm of patterns, or natural shades for those who prefer tone-on-tone.

2 - Drawing on walls and ceilings

You can design each Creative Tube according to your preferences by literally drawing your system on the ceilings and walls. To give strength to the structure you are building, use the appropriate clips to elegantly and discreetly secure the Tube to the wall.

3 - Industrial or Vintage style?

When constructing your exposed installation, you will not only need to disguise the electrical cables, but also to make it fit your style and functional for everyday life: for this you can choose from many porcelain or metal accessories that will allow you to add electrical sockets and switches.

4 - Add some lamps

Add wall lights or pendants to your Tube system: indeed, Creative-Tubes can be connected to the metal side hole ceiling roses from our range, allowing you to create a stylish lighting installation for your interior. You can find many lamps compatible with the Tube system.

Easy to install

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Are you interested but don't know where to start?

No problem thanks to "Illuminate me", the free service by Creative-Cables. We will design together the solution that best meets your needs and style, online or in-store.

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