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  • £ 73.00 Restocking
    Some days you just can't wait to get home and snuggle on the sofa. Make your spaces even cosier thanks to the decorative lightbulbs from the Floating collection, which emanate a warm light that almost seems to fluctuate.Available in different sizes and with smoky or transparent glass, these lightbulbs have a hidden filament along the edge of the glass...
  • £ 53.00 Restocking
    Are you looking for a light that conveys strong feelings, leaving everyone speechless? Do you want to create a warm atmosphere in any setting, whether it be your living room or your office? Then check out the lightbulbs from the Floating collection, which emanate a warm light that almost seems to fluctuate.Available in different sizes, they have a...
  • £ 38.00 Restocking
    Looking for a light that can convey emotion, setting the tone for a romantic and magic atmosphere in any room? Then check out the lightbulbs from the Floating collection. Thanks to their hidden filament on the edge of the globe, they emanate a light that almost seems to fluctuate, for a truly unique effect.The smallest in the collection, this lightbulb...
  • LUMET IP44
    £ 206.60 Restocking
    Looking for an outdoor lamp to light up your garden or terrace? Want to achieve that perfect mediterranean relaxation? Check out our newest 5-fall string light with lampshades in majolica patterns, ranging from geometrical to floral designs. Thanks to the supply plug, this dazzling garland will be the perfect beach buddy, or a great addition to your city...
  • LUMET IP44
    £ 164.00 Restocking
    Summer sunsets, laughs, pool parties. No, this isn't the plot of a californian romcom, it's the mediterranean way of life! Check out our new Lumet string light with lampshades in majolica patterns. To add a warm, mediterranean touch to any evening.You can pair this dazzling garland - in all of its 10 metre glory - with three lamp holders in colourful or...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 68.50 Available
    Big City Life with a slice of Mediterranean? Bring the coast to your terrace or garden even when living in the centre of Milan thanks to Snake Eiva, the portable lamp for outdoors with IP65 waterproof lamp holder, to spruce up your outdoor spaces whilst enduring any weather.Plug in your lamp wherever you want (even by the pool!) thanks to the 5 m fabric...
  • £ 51.10 Available
    Every lamp is unique. With some it's love at first sight: they fill you with peace and your room with harmony. The Maioliche Fermaluce with mini Ellepì Flat Lampshade is timeless, a blast from the past with a new, fresh touch.A rose, a lamp holder, a lightbulb with metallic finish; what else? This elegant wall lamp is the perfect combination between...
  • Outdoor nuvola
    £ 9.00 Available
    What do you look for in a lampshade? If your answer is clear-cut lines and versatility, then our mini Ellepì flat lampshade in Solid Color is the perfect match for you. These mini lampshades come in primary colours and achromatic shades - and a 24 cm diameter - whilst balancing the contrast between glossy and opaque finish to give the perfect...
  • Outdoor nuvola
    £ 10.00 Available
    The vibrant patterns of Majolica tiles have made them an iconic symbol of Mediterranean style. They inspired us to create four unique prints for our mini Ellepì flat lampshades, to decorate any outdoor or indoor space with dazzling colour contrasts. Ride the Mediterranean wave! The mini flat lampshade comes in colourful floral patterns as well as...
  • £ 51.30 Available
    To move around your bed or nightstand and make sure the lamp follows. To create a warm and tidy reading nook. To accomodate any situation where you need to turn a light source into a lamp, our Fermaluce will be the perfect fit thanks to its mini rose with built-in switch.Thanks to the adjustable 30cm long Flex extension (with a fine textile lining) and...
  • £ 53.30 Restocking
    If you need to evolve any light source into a lamp, this Fermaluce is perfect for you. No need to tear down walls or pick apart pre-existing electrical systems thanks to the rose with built-in switch. All you'll have to do is install it in a pre-existing light source and control it with a simple on/off.Thanks to the adjustable 30cm long Flex extension...
  • £ 82.50 Restocking
    It's not a nightstand lamp and it's not like any other table lamp. GU1d-one is the new baseless lamp devised by Creative-Cables, made extremely adjustable and versatile thanks to a 90 cm long Flex, that allows you to place it on a desk or twist it onto a bookcase, bed frame or any other piece of furniture in your home (or in your office).Mustard,...
  • £ 19.60 Restocking
    Baby blue, denim drift, light blue: this colour has many names (and many shades), but it remains the one and only when it comes to charm. This is why we decided to offer our Creative Flex in this tone.This flexible and adjustable extension with textile lining can be paired with any Creative-Cables rose or lamp holder, and reshaped as many times as you...
  • £ 19.60 Restocking
    Petrol Blue or Petrol Green? It might be impossible to find a right answer to this dilemma, but thanks to Creative-Cables finding a flexible textile extension lined with these extremely elegant colour palettes!Creative Flex can be paired with any Creative-Cables rose and lamp holder, and it can also be easily customized countless times by simply shaping...
  • £ 19.60 Restocking
    Warm and bright, this mustard colour (also called mustard yellow) has an innate ability to shed strong yet not blinding light. Extremely versatile, it can be paired with any tone or color shade in any room of your house (or why not, in any office, shop or study).Versatile and original, this mustard Creative Flex with textile lining can be paired to all...
  • £ 19.60 Restocking
    Made to impress, the grass green shade is unbeatable when it comes to cool and bold colours. Whether matched with neutral tones like black and white or with secondary colours like orange or purple, it will always be on point. This is why we decided to line one of our Creative Flex textile flexible extensions in grass green fabric.You'll be able to pair...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 105.20 Available
    Do you sometimes find yourself wishing for outdoor summer parties in the garden that take you back to when you were little? We can help you recreate that! We don't need a time machine, just a set of string lights to hang wherever you want!This solution, just like the others from the EIVA collection, was devised to keep you company during your evenings...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 149.80 Available
    Are you thinking of spending your holidays roadtripping in a trailer, and do you need a set of string lights that can be pretty and easy to carry?Or are you looking for a pratical solition for your summer home, that can be simple yet stylish?The outdoor string lights from the EIVA collection were thought out to keep you company during every warm summer...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 225.30 Restocking
    Clean design and timeless appearance: E-Snake is the outdoor lamp constructed by Creative-Cables with three light outlets framed by metal lampshades, that can be used anywhere by simply connecting the plug.Exclusively produced in Italy, it was created with three lamp holder and two joints with IP65 protectuon degree. They are all part of the EIVA...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 135.30 Available
    Spring and summer are finally at the door, as your family and friends will soon be when you can finally go back to hosting outdoor dinners and other parties and gatherings. Of course alone time is also sacred, so great outdoor illumination can help you snuggle up on your patio with your dog and a good book. This lamp can also be moved at your pleasing,...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 93.00 Available
    Available in different finishes and 100% made in Italy. T-Snake is the outdoor lamp to hang from the gazebo, that creates a cheerful setting and many happy hours in the summer, but it can also be used over a table in the veranda for those that prefer cards and board cames to long endless talks.This option includes exposed lightbulbs, and was designed...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 90.80 Available
    Sofas, sunbeds, dinner or pool tables, an entryway to your summer home. Thanks to F-Snake you iwll have a single, sturdy, water resistant lamp as a solution to your every need. No connection necessary: simply place the product where it's needed and plug it in. This lamp, available in different finishes and made in Italy, has been designed with two lamp...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 124.50 Available
    Remember those lights that adorn outdoor weddings and patios in cafés and restaurants? Do you wish to recreate that same effect on your terrace or balcony but don't want to throw away money on items easily ruined by storms and rain? The 3-light EIVA string light is perfect for you.Rose, lamp holder and joints with IP65 protection degree, with a cable in...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 169.00 Available
    The two things that most remind us of summer? Ice cream and string lights. A timeless deisgn made even better by coloured lampshades. to makee your patio and terrace lively every day.The garlands from the EIVA outdoor illumination system were thought out to keep you company on summer evenings in the open air. Rose, lamp holders, and joints were...
Showing 1 - 24 of 84 items