Some call them colorful fabric cables, others call them insulated electrical wires, and some simply refer to them as colored cables. But for over ten years, their real name has been Creative Cables.

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What makes Creative-Cables so special?


Made in Italy

From PVC cable to fabrics, from industrial processes to the sartorial work of textile covering, all components of Creative-Cables are made in Italy. Even the design, of course.


Quality first

The specifications of our cables, which are subject to ongoing quality control, remain consistent over time and comply with strict HAR and UL regulations. The fabrics are sourced from top Italian suppliers and combined in unique shades.



Our PVC cable is not standard, but benefits from a specific formulation that makes it more flexible and prevents dents. All cables are marked Creative-Cables, even under the covered part.



With the largest color catalog in the world. Different fabrics, from polyester to linen, from cotton to jute, but also different weaves, exclusive and patented designs. And incredible solutions like the Marlene collection, as soft and fluffy as feathers.

Our textile cables

From cotton to linen, polyester to jute, they come in round or braided in hundreds of shades, plain or with multicolored patterns. And with a shiny, matte, glittery, or even feather-like finish. In short, it is impossible not to find the perfect textile cord to brighten up any space, at home or in the office.

Lighting cables

Ultra Soft Cables

Outdoor cables

Cables for Garland


Heavy-duty cables

Not just cables

Give me some fabric and I will cover your world. Perhaps the quote didn't quite go like that, but we love bringing beautiful and functional textile cables to life so much that we decided to go a step further and cover cable sheaths and flexible extensions with fabric.

What have we created? Creative Tubes, which allow for creating electrical wiring that is both practical and aesthetic, and Creative Flex, the metallic extensions that can be bent and adjusted with a simple twist, making lamps that are truly unique.

Flexible Flex cables

Creative tube

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