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Versatile, minimalist, and cable-free. Cabless01 is the first portable lamp powered by a rechargeable internal battery designed by Creative-Cables.

With its wooden body, minimalist design, and technological heart, it can accompany you freely and adapt to all your spaces: from the terrace, where it will illuminate your romantic evenings, to your office, ready to inspire you with new ideas.

And thanks to its interchangeable bulbs and 3 levels of brightness, it provides warm and evocative light for any occasion. At home, in the workshop, in the garden, or even at the restaurant.

All finishes


Curved lines and slender shapes for Cabless02, the battery-powered lamp that combines a semi-spherical base made of alder wood with a metal extension.

With a seemingly simple design, this lamp can discreetly blend in on any table, whether in a contemporary-style bar or a boho-chic bedroom, thanks to the combination of warm and soft wood with sophisticated and contemporary metal.

Base, extension, lamp socket, bulbs: all elements can be combined to create your ideal lamp. And they can be replaced at the end of their life cycle, for a lamp that minimizes electronic waste.

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For those who wish to have a discreet and original lamp in every corner of their home or business, the solution is Cabless11, the wireless 5-volt lamp made of alder wood equipped with the mini Empire lampshade.

With its elegant conical-shaped base, Cabless11 seamlessly blends into any environment. You can choose it painted in a classic color, with a designer lampshade, or opt for the natural beauty of the wood grain. The matching mini Empire lampshade completes the look, while the brass touch switch adds to the refinement.

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Essential, light, and cordless, and equipped with great customization possibilities: among the battery-powered lamps from Creative-Cables, Cabless12 is the one that can change its appearance the most, thanks to its predisposition for lampshades. Base in semi-spherical wood, tapered metal extension, and lamp socket with double ring, to be dressed with the most suitable lampshade for your interior style, in fabric or raffia. And like all the battery-powered lamps in the Cabless range, it is completely dismountable: to be beautiful for you, but also good for the environment.
All finishes
Beautiful and portable, but not only that...


Take your Cabless01 lamp with you everywhere, thanks to its internal battery. You can recharge it later with just a USB-C cable.

Durable design

Durable materials, energy efficiency, and waste reduction have always been important values for us.

Quality materials

Wooden base, with a smooth and durable finish, available in three colors: natural wood, white, and black.

Right to repair

At the end of the life cycle of each individual component - from the battery to the light bulb - you can easily replace it.

Made in Italy

The technology at the heart of the lamp is also designed in Italy. Cabless01, which bears the mark of excellence worldwide, is a Made in Italy product.

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