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Household items

IT - 12/12/2022


IT - 01/12/2022

Home & Garden

EN - 01/11/2021

Elle Decoration

EN - 02/2021

Household items

IT - 06/2022

Creative Cables: our standard is tailor-made solutions

CZ - 09/19/2022

EIVA: The first outdoor lighting system with IP65...

CZ - 12/09/2022 This appears to be a date written in a format that does not provide much context. It could be interpreted as "CZ - September 12, 2022" but without additional information, the meaning remains unclear.

The lights from Creative-Cables and the furniture from Scab Design

IT - 08/06/2020

The tobacconist

Between Brescia and Franciacorta, a complex of late 19th-century industrial buildings has been restored and transformed into a lively and multifunctional space.

Creative Cables: Our standard is tailor-made solutions

CZ - 09/19/2022

Casa Facile: the magazine that decorates with you

IT - 01/10/2020 This seems to be an abbreviation for a date in the format of "MM/DD/YYYY", which stands for January 10, 2020.

Creative Cables in Turin and custom lighting

IT - 21/02/2022

light to creativity

IT - 06/22/2020

Avez-vous déjà vu un porte-lampe aussi élégant que celui-ci ? (Have you ever seen a lamp holder as stylish as this one?)

June 15th, 2020

Home Things - The monthly magazine for a better home living

IT - 06/2020 This text is likely referring to an information technology (IT) topic or context in June 2020.

Creative-Cables and SCAB Design transform the former tobacco factory "Tabaccaia" in Brescia.

IT - 29/07/2020

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