The Mjøsfronten in the town of Hamar illuminated by the EIVA system

A section of the city harbour in Hamar, Norway, has been reclaimed and transformed into a new space for activities, restaurants, and sports.

The initiative is part of a larger effort to transform this area into a new town centre.

We needed lights that could survive moisture and weather while still looking attractive in order to appropriately and safely illuminate Mjsfronten, the city's old harbour. Our EIVA system, with its IP65 water resistant certification and ability to withstand storms, could not have been a better choice.

At the same time, the EIVA solutions' versatility allowed us to integrate a non-EIVA solution.

All the long string lights were custom-made using EIVA outdoor cables, with their great strength even over very long distances. The use of the EIVA3 T-joint made it possible to determine the height and distance of each suspension independently, allowing for a unique and original construction tailored to the lighting needs of each space.  

But the heart of the whole installation lies in our EIVA E27 lamp holders (the world's first waterproof IP65 wired lamp holder), which thanks to their internal gel and hermetic membrane are not afraid of water and storms. In addition, each lamp holder is equipped with a ring nut to allow the installation of a lampshade, giving an extra touch of elegance and originality compared to what would happen with just the bare bulb.

With the EIVA system, we can develop a custom lighting system for any outdoor location, whether it is a garden, a terrace, or a balcony, just like we did for a very large place like Mjsfronten!

Posted on 2021-08-11 Be Creative!