Light'em up!


Round or Twisted? Solid or Pattern? Cotton, Rayon, Linen, or Glittering?

Look no further.....We have them all!!

Here at Creative-Cables you can find all the cables you've ever dreamed of for your lighting project.

We offer high quality fabric cables: handmade 100% in Italy, reflecting the Italian taste for decoration and style.

How to choose your perfect cable? Cotton, Rayon, or Linen?
It really comes down to what look you are trying to achieve. Cotton and Linen provide a matte finish where Rayon has a more of a shiny cloth covering. As far as durability, all three coverings have proven to hold up very well over time and wear very well.
Aesthetically, cotton and linen's matte covering is more appropriate on appliances and more functional pieces such as lamps and appliances. Rayon, which is reminiscent of silk, is ideal for creating a more elegant look, often associated with chandeliers and more sophisticated designs. Often it is uses to combine the Natural effect with vintage items such as brass, copper, iron or porcelain, while Rayon is coupled with colored metal, with chrome or satin trims.

Choose your style and be inspired with us!

Posted on 2015-04-20 News