An entirely different EIVA

The first IP65 do-it-yourself outdoor lighting system, is now entirely different!

Thanks to the two new components,
EIVA is expanded to offer you endless configuration possibilities.

A 2-way lamp holder

All the advantages of the EIVA lamp holder plus two cable outletsEIVA-2, like all the components of the EIVA system, is 100% waterproof: the IP65 rate is guaranteed by the membrane that hermetically cloths the bulb and by the insulating gel contained inside the lamp holder itself.

With EIVA-2 you will be able to create your own IP65 waterproof string lights by choosing:
- the number of light points
position and distance of the light points
cable colour and length
In addition, you can complete your installation with your preferred lampshades and E27 compatible bulbs!

Connect more light points

It looks like an ordinary T-joint, but it is a lot more than that!
With EIVA-3 you can create infinite configurations for lighting gardens, terraces and gazebos. 
The three-way cable inlets are perfect to create a grid or to create suspended light points, with or without lampshade: for this last configuration you just need to combine EIVA-3 with one of the EIVA lamp holders.

Available in both white and black, EIVA-3 can be hung from trees, beams or any other support on site, thanks to the ring on the top - which can be used with a hook or nylon thread.
Thanks to the plugs for the side holes included in the kit, EIVA-3 can also be used as the terminal end of your installation.

EIVA-3 is also IP65 waterproof
thanks to the insulating gel inside the joint.

Thanks to EIVA-2 and EIVA-3 you can easily exploit the existing connections of your installation, using the IP65 ceiling rose of the EIVA line or the IP44 plug compatible with it to create unique and even large-size installations

Have fun playing with EIVA components components to create tailor-made, waterproof and beautiful configurations!

Be inspired by possible configurations

Posted on 2021-04-19 News