Metallic novelties for your lighting projects!

Lots of new things to discover together among our metal components: perfect for your DIY and custom projects!

Recessed ceiling roses

For an elegant and sophisticated look, flush-mounted ceiling roses are the perfect choice.
Use them to make individual pendants or flush-mounted lamps that fit into any ceiling, whether masonry or plasterboard, and make the most of the ceiling height, even when it's low. 

New industrial style lampshades

To complete your industrial or vintage style pendant lamps, we now have 3 new lampshades in our catalogue.  
You already know Swing, but now it also comes with new finishes: satin-finished titaniumbronze and copper, perfect for giving a unique touch to living rooms, counters and dining tables. 

Coloured lamp holders...

For lovers of lamps with naked bulbs and pastel colours, the new Pastel lamp holders with hidden cable clamps are the ideal solution!
Mustard, Soft Blue, Petroleum, Green: 4 new colours to mix with our fabric cables in infinite combinations. 

...and satin-finished!

If, on the other hand, you prefer vintage, industrial or minimalist atmospheres and lamps with lampshades, you won't want to miss the new semi-threaded lamp holders with hidden cable clamps
Available in white, black (matt versions) and the three satin finishes you love, they are perfect for creating contemporary and unique lamps!

Posted on 2021-01-15 News