Welcome Taché

Would you ever have imagined that a paper clip, the most common existing design object, could be a source of inspiration for a lamp?

And yet that’s exactly how Taché was born!

Inspired by the perfection of that 'elegant steel wire spiral', designer Fabrizio Alessio imagined adapting it to the world of lighting. 
He gave shape to an idea: a sort of clamp for light bulbs, which thanks to a simple and elegant design would be able to transform them into a real table lamp. 

A clamp for bulbs 

The incounter between Fabrizio Alessio and Creative-Cables turned that concept into reality. 
Taché is composed of a metal core covered with the fabric of our cables and an elegant Made in Italy wooden foot to complete it.
Its super light structure can "pin" any G125 bulb and transform it into a table lamp.

An evocative name 

Taché in Piedmontese literally means "to stick" or "to fix", but it can also take on the meaning of "right" to allude that an innovative and decisive solution has been found. 
It seemed the perfect name for such a simple and modern product.

Illuminate any interior

Taché is available in 7 different versions and can be purchased as a single component to be complemented by one of our Snake or SnakeBis with a G125 bulb attached or as a lamp available in different variations and combinations. 
If you want to let your creativity run wild, configure it yourself!

Taché is an exclusive Creative-Cables product!

Posted on 2021-01-08 News