#BeCreative: Creative-Cables for Carlo Pignatelli - "The story of a dream"

We are proud to have illuminated the exhibition "Storia di un sogno" (Story of a dream), scheduled in Milan from 6th to 9th April 2018, during the bridal week of Sì SposaItalia inside FieramilanoCity. The exhibition, curated by Camera and Brh+, is a photographic-illustrative journey through the 50 years of the Pignatelli fashion house.

The exhibition included catwalk and backstage shots by photographers, such as Michel Comte, Bob Krieger, Aldo Fallai, Roxanne Lowit and Mauro Balletti. Also on display were some of the couturier's most iconic garments, worn by top models, made for celebrities or for major film productions.

Founded in Turin in 1968 by Carlo Pignatelli, a tailor of Apulian origin, the company has been transformed in 50 years into a SpA, a joint-stock company, employing over 100 people and into an international brand. To illuminate the more than 500 square metres of the exhibition, an installation consisting of warm golden LED bulbs, black cylindrical lamp holders and 140 metres of cable was created. Black, of course.
Black, like a dinner jacket which, as Pignatelli teaches us, to be worn strictly after 6 pm.

Posted on 2018-04-27 Be Creative!