#BeCreative: The Ricamificio in the Dolomites - a shabby chic embroidery

The Ricamificio is a small embroidery workshop in the centre of Forno di Cadore, a pretty little village nestling in the Friulian Dolomites, full of fabrics, ribbons, buttons and coloured threads, but also, if necessary, of carpentry tools, mountain equipment and so on!
The kingdom of imaginative clutter, it is a safe haven for all those who want to breathe a little creative and relaxed air.

Here, warm, soft fabrics in a thousand colours are transformed into original furnishing accessories, household items, towels, beautiful thoughts for Christmas and Easter, christening and wedding favours that fascinate at first glance. Each piece is unique and customisable with the guarantee of the excellent quality that only craftsmanship can provide.

A few months ago, the staff of this little oasis of creativity completely renovated its premises, drawing heavily from the Creative-Cables catalogue to brighten up the shop, with a personal and original style, perfectly in line with the furnishings.
A suspension lamp has thus been created, with a metal rose with four holes, and using a cotton and natural linen cable, with a diamond pattern in shades of antique pink, delicately reminiscent of shabby chic influences.

On the fall extremities, wooden lamp holders clasp vintage-look LED bulbs: energy efficiency and aesthetics are a perfect match!
The final result effortlessly reflects the atmosphere of the shop: cosy, warm, imaginative and colourful!

Posted on 2017-04-28 Be Creative!