#BeCreative: Idea Ristruttura – A green corner

Idea Ristruttura is a design firm specliased in turnkey restructuring. One of their services is "renovations" which do not comprise masonry works and are, instead, skilful refreshing interventions on areas or spaces. To create a suggestive reading corner, it was sufficient to choose a special chair, a luxuriant plant and a movable lamp!

Which products were used?

With Spostaluce Metallo 90° and its adjustable E27 lamp holder and fabric cable, it doesn't matter where the main connection is: simply connect the cables and position the Spostaluce where you want it!

The Transparent LED Globo G95 with the curved filament double loop bulb gives off a warm and cosy light, similar to traditional 40-45W bulbs but with lower consumption and a longer life.

Posted on 2019-04-10 Be Creative!