How to choose the lights for your bathroom: buying guide.

Have you recently moved and would like to renovate your bathroom? Do you need to change the lighting in your laundry room, but don't know where to start?

We have prepared a guide to help you choose the right lighting for your bathroom, putting your safety first.

Here are the steps to follow to illuminate your bathroom

1. Every light source in your bathroom needs the right IP rating

Bathroom lighting requires specific lamps that meet certain standards of protection against water and moisture. These standards are comprised in the IP value, which stands for "International Protecting". The IP consists of two numbers: the first one indicates the degree of protection against solids, the second one against water and moisture.

Depending on where you need to place your light source you will have to choose lamps with a different IP rating: each area of the bathroom has specific rules, the picture opposite will help you to identify them. 

  • Area 1: it is the closest to the bathtub or shower (up to 225 cm above the bottom of the floor), where there is a lot of moisture and certainly water. For this area choose lamps with a high degree of protection, IP65: take a look at our water-resistant lamps from the EIVA range.  
  • Area 2 is located directly above the shower cubicle, around the washbasin and around the bathtub, and up to 60 cm from zone 1. For this zone, choose lamps with a minimum protection rating of IP44, such as the Creative-Cables lighting solutions in the Filé System and the Lumet System. 
  • The rest of the bathroom has no direct contact with water droplets, but may have contact with condensation and requires a minimum IP rating of IP21.

2. To each lamp their own function

We do a lot of things in the bathroom, and as well as choosing lighting that is safe and fits in with our décor, it's important to choose it according to its function.

Let's see how we can make the most of the lighting in your bathroom.

Lights to put make-up on

Swivel lamps are perfect on either side of a mirror where you shave, apply make-up or get a manicure. Thanks to the swivel joint, you can adjust the angle of the light both vertically and horizontally, adapting the use to your needs. 

We recommend that you take a look at the EIVA Fermaluce for swivelling, water-resistant wall lights.

Mirror lights 

Is it your desire to increase the luminosity of the bathroom by installing one or more spot lighting near the mirror? 

To this end L-extension wall lights are perfect, whether they have a lampshade or a decorative LED bulb. For added security choose IP65 rating lamps.

Pendants in the bathroom

If what you need is a ceiling light, you could opt for a pendant lamp complete with a lampshade or an naked bulb. To adapt the pendants to the needs of your bathroom, we recommend that you create your own bespoke water-resistant lamp, by choosing the length of the fabric cable and whether to decentralise it to best modulate the light within your space. With EIVA pendant lamps you can match the colours of the components to your bathroom and create the bespoke lighting you've always wanted.

Posted on 2021-04-08 Buying guides