#BeCreative: Lineal - a Milan motion studio with minimalist decor

Ditroit is a Milan motion studio that has chosen a minimalist design for its interior and total white walls, located in a 1930’s town flat. 
The lighting project was curated by Eutopiarch that selected black for net contrast, for creating a single, pivotal feature, around which to work, which not only could illuminate the work spaces but also could be an real decorative feature. 
The main lighting was created using miles of Creative-Cables cable and countless components, such as side-hole ceiling roses and cable ducts.
For the hallway, the creative solution featured a composition, implemented using the black version of Sistema Spostaluce.
While a multi-pendant lamp with naked bulb was the option selected for the table for meetings, illuminated using our silver half-moon LED bulbs.
Posted on 2020-09-15 Be Creative!