#BeCreative: a polyfunctional work space for connecting people

It is increasing important for work spaces to host not only the people working there as employees but also they need to aspire to finding ways that allow people to make newer and better connections.
The remodeling of this open commercial space that now houses the new Turin offices of Oval Money has been designed with this concept in mind and we are very happy that Creative-Cables lighting solutions have been chosen to illuminate the communal and break-out areas.

What lights were used?

The Campana XL with Lavagna finish and generous dimensions is perfect hanging above a table or bar counter where it’s important to direct a beam of light downwards.
Made in Italy in ceramics, Campana is available in various finishes that made it ideal for adapting to different styles.

Installation: ErrebiHome, Tecnoluce

Posted on 2020-09-15 Be Creative!