10 lighting ideas that you will find only at Creative-Cables!

A selection of our most successful products: 10 exclusive lighting ideas that you can only find at Creative-Cables!


The made in Italy and patented solution to create a wall lamp that you can place where you want. To use it, you do not need to have a power outlet: just choose a Creative-Cables ready-to-use wiring, such as a Snake or SnakeBis. Thanks to its very light structure in transparent polycarbonate, which flexes according to the weight it is subjected to, Archet(To) integrates with elegance and discretion in any context. Archet(To) can hold a statement lamp shade with a maximum diameter of 70 cm.
-Ideal for: glass and transparency lovers
-Complement it with: an accessory for Archet(To)

2-String lights

String lights are our totally configurable lighting system for outdoor environments such as gardens, patios, terraces and gazebos. By choosing the accessories (plug, hook, lamp holder, junction box and wall fairleads) you can compose the scheme you want and place the light sources where you need them: at a regular distance or concentrated to illuminate specific areas such as a dining table. If you don't have a garden or terrace, you can also create an indoor lighting installation!
-Available in 14 colours (Pastel, fluo, zigzag, metal)
-Ideal for: lighting a garden or an office
-Complement it with: Love bulbs, a precious warm light for a cozy and romantic effect


The wall and ceiling decentralizers are small but indispensable accessories to shift the descent of your pendant lamp away from your ceiling rose or to just hang a cable from a ceiling, blocking it and preventing it from sliding. Thanks to their neutral colours, they can only be seen if the architectural project requires it: otherwise, they can camouflage beautifully without being noticed.
-Available in 2 shapes each with 3 finishes
-Ideal for: those who love lighting technology and DIY
-Complement it with: lengths of cable in the colour you love


Creative-Tubes are much more than just fabric-covered cable conduits: thanks to the metal filaments that run throughout its entire length, Creative-Tubes can take and maintain any shape applied, drawing on walls and ceilings a trace of color and unique shapes. Also suitable for outdoor use!
-Available in 2 diameters and 5 colours
-Ideal for: DIY lamps and industrial design enthusiasts
-Complement it with: accessories for Creative-Tubes


Spostaluce is a real made-to-measure wall lamp: it is a metal spotlight in 6 different finishes that you can place wherever you want, because it has a coloured cable that can be connected to any point of the electrical circuit. The metal base has side holes, so you can connect multiple Spostaluce together in series. Choose from the four colours of textile cable we have pre-selected, or ask for your favourite cable to have a custom-made Spostaluce just for you!
-Available in 6 finishes
-Ideal for: those who are looking for a unique bedside lamp
-Complement it with: Half Sphere bulb coordinated with the finish of the Spostaluce


Pinocchio is Creative-Cables solution for creating wall lamps that are also hanging lamps! Made of 100% Italian beech wood, it is ideal with a ready-to-use wiring such as Snake or SnakeBis: the cable doesn’t have to go through holes, instead is rolled around the knurled wooden supports at both ends. Pinocchio's arm (or nose?) is mobile and can be fixed at three different heights. Pinocchio allows you to mount lamp shades up to a maximum diameter of 50 cm: for instance, you can build an alternative to the more classic bedside table lamps.
-Available in 3 colours
-Ideal for: those who love that Scandinavian style
-Complement it with: Snake or SnakeBis


A ready-to-use lamp wiring kit that you just need to plug into a power outlet: you can wrap Snake around the upright of a bookcase, the handrail of a staircase, the a rail in a kitchen, or you can hang it on a hook or better yet, a decentralizer.
-Available in 120 colours
-Ideal for: those who do not like fixed light points
-Complement it with: Pinocchio or Archet(To), our wall mounting solutions.

8-Ceramic spiders

Why have a chandelier when you can have several? Spider is a cascade of coloured cables and light bulbs: a ceiling lamp ready to illuminate any environment uniformly and strategically. The handmade and decorated in Italy rosette and E27 lamp holders in ceramic add a touch of sophisticated colour and are coordinated with the fabric braided electrical cables.
-Available with 6 and 7 pendants
-Ideal for: a modern kitchen with classic details
-Complement it with: Edison bulbs for an extra vintage touch

9-3XL cords pendant set

A suspended lamp with a “prominent” cable inspired by nautical ropes. A minimalist but far from a cold solution: ropes and wood can also be implemented in a shabby bedroom or country style home!
-Available in 14 combinations
-Ideal for: your sailor friend who suffers from nostalgia for the sea
-Complement it with: Smoky LED Globe G95 bulb

10-Electric cable covered in Copper

There's nothing wrong with loving precious metals! The electric cables covered in copper are available in red copper, tinned copper and brass coloured copper. Their warm and shiny finish can create luxurious and baroque-style lamps for your floor, table or ceiling.
-Available in 3 metal finishes
-Ideal for: jewels lovers
-Complement it with: a matching metal rosette and lamp holder

Posted on 2019-01-07