Handmade lampshades in polyester fibre

The polyester fibre is a flexible and resistant material that, when colored and manually processed, turns into beautiful lampshades!

The lampshades in polyester fibre are available in 2 shapes (Dome and Sphere), 2 sizes (XS with 25 cm diameter and M with 36 cm diameter) and 12 colors. They all feature a special texture featuring micro-holes that guarantee a very charming lighting effect: the light softly filters and enhances the color of the lampshade.
Sphere and Dome are packed in an elegant gift box, containing a mounting kit and a universal suspension  tool compatible with any E27 lampholder for lampshade.
You can pair them with our accessories (pendants, spiders or snakes) to create single or multiple suspensions.

Posted on 2018-07-18 News