Light bulbs: when the idea comes to light!

Who knows if Thomas Edison, when patenting the first light bulb in 1880, realized that it would eventually an essential object in daily life? He most certainly did not imagine that it would eventually be transformed into a decorative element or design icon...

Flower Power. A light bulb with the tapered shape of a blown glass vase: available in 5 pastel colors with a nice "used" feel, the ideal match with Creative-Cables' colorful fabric cables.

Double malt. Made using real 330ml beer bottles and available in 4 combinations of color and shape, they are perfect for creating installations on the counter of a kitchen or as a gift.
Classic Brilliance. Beloved formats, deliciously classic shapes and two new surface finishes: smoky and emerald, for a warm and intimate lighting effect.

Filament on center stage. The bulbs of the Art collection are stripped of the... bulb itself: the bare filament remains in sight protected by a transparent covering to create spirals, butterflies, clouds, silhouettes...
Posted on 2018-06-08 News