UFO: Unconventional Flying Objects... and lamps!

ufo 1
"Wait, wait, wait! I've got an idea! Why don't we call the most promising names in Italian illustration? Why don't we choose two of their representative artworks? Why don't we enlighten them? "

This is how the UFO collection - Unconventional Flying Objects was born: 14 double-faced wooden disks, worked and printed entirely in Italy, ready to become a wall lamp or a suspension lamp. Well, actually two: both sides of the disk are illustrated!

Men and women, cactus and pineapple, mandala and azulejos, ice cream and cupcakes, and then fish, dogs and flamingos: a surprising variety of subjects and colors that create playful, romantic or surreal atmospheres.
Illustrated disc, white rose, fabric covered cable and colored lamp holder: here is a flying suspension, ready to hang. Place it next to a table or a bed: it will be like dining or sleeping under a work of contemporary art.
A UFO is enough to settle on a Fermaluce to give life to a light spot on the wall and become a decorative element, like a framed print. Choose a Half Sphere A60 LED bulb: the small bulb won't cover the illustration and the light will enhance it! All without dazzling the observer.
Posted on 2018-05-22 News