String lights: outdoor lighting, designed by Creative-Cables

catenarie 1
The string lights are our configurable solution, designed to illuminate your outdoor environments. Yes, you got it right: you can say goodbye to the classic luminous garlands and now decorate your gardens or terraces using fabric-covered neoprene cables.

Allowing you to fully customise the lighting depending on the location of the power outlet, the surface you wish to illuminate and the use you will make of it. Choose your cable length and required accessories: plug, hook, lampholders and light bulbs.
Do you prefer a parallel line, a soft garland or a broken one? You can do it, with the help of suitable hook. The lamp holders can also be placed at will: at regular distances or carefully concentrated to give light to specific areas such as a dining table.
Is the summer ending? Just unplug it, free the catenary from the hooks and place it in a box. But if you're fond of it, you can easily recreate the atmosphere in any interior environment!
The Creative-Cables string lights fit any E27 LED bulb: try the Miniglobe for a color block effect, the Golden ones for a vintage result or the Love for a romantic setting. Pastel, fluo, zigzag, metal: we have selected a wonderful range of 14 colors that express summer, terrace parties and sunset aperitifs.
Posted on 2018-05-08 News