Metal ceiling roses have now arrived with side holes

rosoni lat 1
The metal ceiling roses are one of the best-sellers of Creative-Cables and are already available in a large variety of different colours and number of holes. Today we add to this by introducing new models with side holes!

The new roses with side holes are available in two versions: the rose with four side holes can be used as an elegant junction box, while the one with two side holes and central hole allows you to connect more roses in sequence.
The new roses with side holes are perfectly compatible with all Creative-Cables fabric cables and with 16 mm Creative-Tubes too, thanks to terminals with the same metal finishes as the roses and cable clamps.

The 16 mm Creative-Tubes can easily accommodate a lighting electric cable: with the new roses, it will be even easier to design your exposed system on the walls of your home!
Posted on 2018-01-10 News