Welcome to Creative-Cables!

Our goal is to put visitors and customers in the position to configure and purchase a custom-made lamp, while satisfying their own tastes and needs. Inside a vast and constantly updated range, you will find cables and compatible accessories to assemble a lighting solution that looks exactly as you have imagined it. You don’t know where to start, do you? Let yourself be guided in this mini tour!

Cables: where it all starts
Exclusively made in Italy, our fabric-covered cables meet the strictest safety regulations: you can select them by colour, pattern, material or intended use. In addition to the colour finish, texture and fabric, the cables differ in function: along with the classic lighting cables you will find LAN cables, large-section cables, cables for outdoor and Creative-Tubes. The same cable can be used in several products: using the "fabric cable colour" tool you can find all the products which include your favourite colour.

Depending on the intended use of your lamp, you will need rosettes, lamp holders and lampshades, as well as some "minor" but fundamental accessories: switches, plugs, sockets, cable clamps and wall fixtures. These are small items, but for us they are important! You will find that they have special shapes, colours and finishes that can be coordinated with each other and with textile cables.

Ready to use
Creative-cables doesn’t just mean DIY: this section includes a wide range of assembled and ready-to-use products. Need some examples? Spider: the suspended lamps with 5, 6 or 7 pendants Posaluce, Fermaluce and Spostaluce: the collection of table, ceiling and wall lamps in metal, wood, porcelain, equipped with lampshade and even adjustable! Snake: the lamp wiring ready to become a ceiling, wall or table lamp.

Light Bulbs
For us, light is a serious matter: no installation is complete without the right light bulb! In this section you will find hundreds of light bulbs, differentiated by technology, shape and fitting. Besides the most classic silhouettes, we offer special shapes, XL sizes, uncommon colours and crazy filaments!

Gift ideas
Our cables are so flexible and beautiful you can even wear them. No matter if you prefer bold, subtle, deep, neutral, pastel or bright colours: we have the perfect bracelet for you!

Whenever we introduce a new product line, you’ll find a dedicated blog post in the “news” category. In the “Tutorial” category you’ll find instructions and videos explaining how to install and use Creative-Cables items! #BeCreative is the collection of the best creations of our customers. After finishing your lamp, send us a photo to becreative@creative-cables.com: if it is selected by our staff, we’ll share it and you’ll win a 20 € discount voucher!

We prefer our products to talk about us, but we are not shy people either! In the Creative-Cables section we talk about our company history, identity and people: are you curious to discover the faces and the names of those who respond to emails, design the products or assemble them? We are particularly proud of our customer service: a team of specialists trained to solve any doubt about the Creative-Cables assortment, to assist you in defining the order and coping with the unexpected events that may occur. Do not hesitate to write, call or chat in real time with a member of our team!

Posted on 2017-11-08 Assembly Instructions