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Welcome to Creative-Cables!
Like an elegant and traditional tailor's shop, our goal has always been to give you all the chance to create your own dress... ehm, your own tailor-made lamp, to meet the exact requirements and your tastes.

Just like a tailor can count on dozens of fabrics, with different materials and colors, and a great variety of buttons and techniques to make his creations, Creative-Cables has created more than 150 textile cable models and selected hundreds of accessories to help you to choose every single part of your light creation and realize it exactly as you had imagined it. Do you wish to know how to do this, but don't know where to start? Let us accompany you.
It all starts with a textile cable, of course!
Manufactured strictly in Italy in our factories, our fabric-covered cables comply with all the strictest safety regulations. In the Fabric Cables section you can find all our cables, divided by color, pattern, material or use. In addition to the chromatic finish, you can choose from round or twisted cables, cotton or rayon, jute and metal, and still choose between lighting cables with or without earthing wire, LAN cables, and large section cables, and even the new Creative-Tubes - an exclusive novelty of Creative-Cables Do you have any doubts about which cable is for you or how to use a grounded cable or a Creative-Tube? No problem: by contacting our Customer Service via chat, e-mail or telephone, we will be happy to give you all the answers you are looking for!

Found the ideal cable, it's time to choose the right components for your lamp. In the Components section you will find everything you need to compose your creation. Sliding between the menus, it is easy to find the ceiling roses, the lamp holders and the lampshades, all made in a wide variety of shapes, materials and colors, but in this section of the site you can also find accessories "minor" but indispensable, such as switches, cable clamps and accessories for fastening your cable to your walls and ceilings. Once again, if you do not find something, contact us: we are here to help you.
If Do-It-Yourself is not your cup of tea but you can not resist Creative-Cables items, the Ready to Use section is the one for you! Here you will find a wide selection of products already including all the cables and our components needed for the fitting: you will just have to pull them out of the box and turn on the light!
Among our Ready to Use, you can find plenty of suspensions lamps as well as the fascinating Spider, the Creative-Cables', multiple pendants hanging lamps. We have made our suspensions by choosing specific combinations between cables and components selected by our creative team members and our customers, but if you do not find one that you like, write to us: and we can produce it for you!
If your ceiling is too low for a suspension, instead, we recommend you to look at the collection of Fermaluce flush lights. Made of simple metal, wood or porcelain, with or without lampshades and also with adjustable lamp holders: whatever your need is, there is a Fermaluce that awaits you.

No lamp of any kind, however, would be complete without a solid light source. In the Bulbs section you will find all the models Creative-Cables has selected for you to complete your creations. Find your perfect light bulb by browsing with the categories: technology, shape, fitting and the ability to be dimmable. All aspects can be refined using the website Bulb filter tool.
We are always surprised by the uses that our customers make of Creative-Cables cables, but then we are no different! Along with the Italian Pig-oh atelier, we have created wonderful bracelets and necklaces that you can find in the Gift Ideas section. A precious thought for anyone you love, or... for yourself!
If you can not decide which item to gift though, let the lucky recipient do so themself, with the Creative-Cables Gift Cards available in 4 different values and up to 200 € - it's a perfect solution for a successful gift!

Continuing our little tour, we come to the Fabric cable colours section. In this menu, you will find all the colors of our cables, and selecting your favorite you will access the entire catalog of products made with that particular model. Do you think that that orange cable would be perfect in your kitchen but you can't find all the lamps assembled with it? Click on the color and let us do the job for you! Easy, right?
Finally we come to our Blog, the right section to deepen your knowledge with our products! In the New Products category, whenever we present a new product, you can find a post that describes it in detail, while in the Tutorial category, handy text and photo guides will effectively explain how to install and use a great variety of Creative-Cables items! Would you like to see a tutorial on a specific component that is not yet present? Write us: we will be happy to make it!
Finally, Be Creative! A collection of the best creations from our customers using Creative-Cables components. If you are looking for inspiration for the lighting of your home, browse through the posts in this section: we are sure you will find the right idea! Obviously, after finishing your lamp, send us your HD photos of it to - If its selected for our blog, you can win a 25 € discount voucher!

In the Creative-Cables section you can find all the information about our company, our policies and you can even get to know us a little better by seeing who we are inside the company: curious to discover the faces and names of those who answer your emails, who creates the products and who assembles them?

We hope to have been clear and thorough in explaining all of the possibilities that our site offers you, providing you with the power to make your light fittings unique and almost tailor-made. However, if you still have any doubts, the invitation is always open to contact us by writing via, or calling us at 800-034180 or even chatting with us directly on the site!
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