Light bulbs like you've never seen before!

lampadina love
The bulbs don't ever cease to fascinate us, and we are happy to see how much you appreciate them! The latest LED filament technology allows you to get new and imaginative shapes for really amazing creations!  

In our collection of LED bulbs you can find patterns with the filament in many different shapes, but none of these before came to... illuminate words!

With the new Globe G125 "Love" LED bulb, you will fill your home with love as well as light!

What if instead of the filament, it was the actual bulb to have an unique shape? This new Globe G125 model has irregular glass, like as if it was deformed by the heat emitted by its own filament! The end result is spectacular, thanks to the reflections created by the LED filament inside the bulb.

In addition to the two new Globe G125 bulbs, this week we also introduce seven new LED light bulbs with white milk glass. Ideal for all uses, they emit a warm light and a guarantee all the benefits of LED bulbs, which is a longer life and better efficiency than traditional bulbs. There are bulbs of several shapes and sizes, both with E27 and E14 mounts.
Posted on 2017-10-30 News