Creative-Cables presents the new Creative-Tubes

After the extraordinary success achieved on the stage of Europe's most prestigious industry exhibitions, Creative-Tubes, the latest addition to Creative-Cables catalog, are finally available!  

Creative-Tube is much more than just a fabric-covered conduit. In fact, thanks to the metal filaments that run throughout it's entire length, Creative-Tube can assume and maintain any shape you give it. The only limit to Creative-Tube applications and uses will be your imagination!  

Creative-Tubes are available in two models, of 16 and 20 millimeters in diameter.
16 mm Creative-Tube is perfect for creating table or suspension lamps with unique and ever-changing shapes. Three colors available: black, red and the fascinating jute.
In the 20mm version, Creative-Tubes are the ideal solution to create extraordinary exposed electrical systems that will make your rooms unique, drawing colorful lines on the walls. For Creative-Tubes 20mm, the available colors are red, natural linen and gray linen.  
We have also developed an entire collection of accessories for the Creative-Tubes, to better give you the possibility to let your imagination run wild! There are metal terminals for connecting the 16 mm Creative Tubes to our rosettes and bulb holders, and junction boxes, clips and metal cable tie terminals for the 20 mm model. We bet you already have some ideas on your mind!

The new Creative-Tubes are 100% made in Italy and, as always with Creative-Cables, they comply with all the latest and strict regulations to ensure the highest safety level possible.
Posted on 2017-10-24 News