Creative-Cables light jars are back!

mason jar 1
Reusing glass jars and bottles is one of the most successful upcycling trends of our recent years, a fashion that does not tend to disappear! That's why, here in Creative-Cables, we redesigned our glass jar lighting kit, one of our most popular accessories since its launch in 2015!

With the new glass jar lighting kit, you will be able to turn the classic jars that are always seen in our kitchens into wonderfully hung lights or table lamps. A LED light bulb instead of jam? Why not?
The kit is available in 5 different colors and consists of a perforated cap, the elegant E14 lamp holder with ferrules and the cable retainer, which can be tapered plastic or cylindrical. For a touch of color, choose from one of 160 colors of fabric cable available on our site.

The jar and the light bulb are not included but the kit works on any jar with a 7 cm opening and height larger than 12 cm. To find the right light bulb for your creation, visit our site!
Posted on 2017-10-16 News