The new metal Spiders

nuovi spider 1
Bedrooms, salons, meeting rooms, living rooms, and even bars or restaurants: there is no space that can not be valued and embellished by a large suspended lamp!
Our Spider has been one of our most popular products since its launch, and it's for this reason today that we offer you more than 20 new color combinations, created by our creative team and also chosen from those that our customers preferred in the last year!
Six different finishes for ceiling roses and lamp holders: black, white, black pearl, chromed metal, copper and brass. For each color, we have selected precise varieties of cables. Twisted or round, in cotton, silk or jute, with the option of brighter or more elegant colors: you will surely find the perfect one for your room.
The choices, however, do not end here!
Now it is possible to decide whether to receive the classic ceiling mount hooks or our elegant decentralizers. Finally, choose the model of the cable retainers: your preference could be the simple and economical tapered models of thermoplastic material, or could it be our finest cylindrical models that match with the rosette and bulb holders?
Is this still not enough? Not to worry: we can make your Spider tailored to your needs. Contact us to explain what you need and we will propose you the perfect solution for your environment.
Posted on 2017-09-11 News