Be Creative - NovuNovu Lamps

Behind the NovuNovu project is the fantasy of Alessia Fede, who after a lifetime of work in the field of fashion has decided to follow what is her true passion, the decor, transforming it into a real profession, halfway between design and craftsmanship.

From her hands are born many objects for the home of various types, from cups to small tables, but above all, Alessia creates beautiful lamps using recovered materials, especially marine and olive woods typical of the area where he lives. In fact, Alessia comes from the beautiful Sicily, and the proximity of the sea and the colors of her land greatly influence her work, which is inspired by a typically Mediterranean style.
The NovuNovu lamps (which, among other things, means "New New" in Sicilian dialect) use LED light bulbs, ecological and econome, and exclusively Creative-Cables cables, chosen for their quality and variety of colors available: Alessia loves to use nautical cords and cotton textile cables, with colors ranging from white to blue, passing through the yellow!

More information about NovuNovu creations is available on the Facebook page, and you can buy them on its Etsy store.
Posted on 2017-08-04 Be Creative!