New LED and carbon filament light bulbs

lampadine 1
Decorative or bright, cold or warm light, LED or carbon filament: nothing changes the atmosphere of a room like a light bulb! This week we have 33 new arrivals to present to you. Discover all the shapes and configurations!
Even though the latest LED models look like carbon filament bulbs from olden times, the warm and intimate atmosphere that they create is unmatched!

You’ll surely find the perfect light bulb for your home or shop out of our 30 new models! From the classic globe and Edison, to light bulbs that resemble the valves of musical instruments, the variety isn’t just in the shapes of the glass, but also in the carbon filaments: cage, single or double spiral, zig zag.

Our new carbon filament light bulbs are available in E14 and E27. All models are dimmable and are less than 60 lumen, perfect for decorative use!
Let’s not leave out our 3 LED models, with their vintage look! Three different shapes for the bulb and filament, all equally beautiful.

Our new LED models come in a golden bulb and emanate an enveloping, amber, warm light that is adjustable via dimmer. Try them with our fabric cables and our metal or wooden lamp holders, for breathtaking pendants!
Posted on 2017-05-10 News