Be Creative - Stiv. Design's wood creations

Upcycling underlying principle is to raise the intrinsic value of recovered items. These can be human artifacts no longer in use, but not necessarily. As it can be seen from Stefano Petrone's works, even the natural raw materials can be recovered, recycled and elevated to new and extraordinary objects! Under the Stiv. - Handmade Design label, in fact, Stefano realizes one off furniture pieces, completely and exclusively processed by hand, especially using the wood. In his creations, branches and pieces of logs become lamps and chandeliers, enhanced by the use of fabric cables and lampholders from Creative-Cables catalog.
Among the many creations, stand out the table and suspension lamps of the Savage line, where the neutral hue of wood and natural fibers creates pleasant contrasts with the color of cables and electrical components.

For more information and to see more photographs of Stephen's creations, we invite you to visit his Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Posted on 2017-05-09 Be Creative!