Be Creative - Valérie Menuet's colourful creations!

Valerie Menuet is a French designer from Nantes, who, after working for years to the realisation of decorations in for theatres and performing arts, focused on creating objects that would allow her to combine her skills acquired in the field of lighting and her love for design and art. In her studio in Nantes, she began so to give life to unique creations, often with recycled and "unconventional" materials, halfway between the artistic effort of design and sculpture and the spirit behind upcycling trends. In these creations, Valerie also pays great attention to the functionality: each object has to durable and useful, as well as beautiful.
In these pictures, we can appreciate two different projects, both made with our colourful textile cables, that make the colours themselves a central element!
First one is a pendant lamp, created using plastic cups and pots, along with our round textile cables, plain or with ZigZag fantasy. The second project is a pair of twin hanging lamps, minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired design, where the orange textile cable creates a strong contrast with the white walls and natural wood colour of the lamps.
Valérie Menuet's creations can be seen on her website and on Facebook!
Posted on 2017-03-16 Be Creative!