Be Creative - The wedding dress atelier Rosa Rosa

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Maison Hand Boutique is the Italian enactment of the famous French stores based in Lyon, born from the inspiration and skills of Manuela Campesan and Federico Schibuola, who gave an Italian home to this concept originally born in France, in the beautiful downtown of Padua. Manuela and Federico have combined the taste and the philosophy behind the design solutions for interior and exterior typical of the brand to the Italian context, thus specialising in designing interior and exterior environments, both public and private.
One of the latest projects signed by Maison Hand Boutique was the interior design of the atelier of wedding dresses Rosa Rosa, where they care about the furniture and lighting too. I And it's just for the latter that they've looked at Creative-Cables catalogue, to create awesome pendant lightings with our black fabric cable and copper-finished lamp holders, that emerge from the tissues that cover the ceiling. The light bulbs are encaged into our Drop black naked lampshades, contrasting nicely with the white of the textiles and connecting with the elegant dark tint of the store walls. Black and white are perfectly blended with the natural wood colour, for a minimal and elegant final result.
Posted on 2017-03-09 Be Creative!