Be Creative - A little loft in Turin, Italy

We particularly like this project by Matteo Povero, a young architect from Turin, which with its firm callde AStreetLab dealt with the restyling of a miniloft in Turin, partly newly built, in part derived from the recovery of an industrial building.

In redesigning the space, the living area was separated from the sleeping area and a separate study corner was made from the rest of the house, using a wooden platform and through the use of color. Since the very small spaces, the platform also has a smart function of container thanks to the drawers realized on the sides of it.
For the design of the interiors, characterized by an industrial and vintage style, they have been used many Creative-Cables components: the original vintage lamp made from an old factory that illuminates the table is supported by the yellow cable (RM10) and the metal black canopy. The same cable is used to support the lampshade of the bedroom, made of a jute sack, in this case combined with a wooden canopy. Finally the pair of pendants that illuminate the kitchen, also original vintage made from an old factory, are supported by stone gray cable (RC30) and black metal rose with two holes.
The end result completely changes the face of this environment, giving great brightness and a highly personal style!
Posted on 2017-02-07 Be Creative!