Be Creative - Ristorante Gaudenzio by BAM!

BAM! is an architectural firm of Turin. The signing of the three members of the BAM! team, Alberto Bottero, Simona Della Rocca and Fabio Vignolo, was placed on projects of various types, allowing them to win prizes and awards and see their works exhibited worldwide.
Using the components from Creative-Cables, BAM! designed the style for the restaurant Gaudenzio, located in the historic center of Turin, combining smooth lines and simple singularity elements to create an always new atmosphere. In this context, with its minimalist and elegant style, our textile cables have been used to make pendel with very large and scenic falls, combined with brass-plated metal lampholder and LED bulbs. An elegant and personal atmosphere, with a great sense of light and lightness.
Posted on 2016-12-22 Be Creative!