Create even more unique lamps with our new XXL ceiling roses!

Our XXL ceiling roses are our latest arrival: available round or rectangular, they are perfect for creating spectacular pendants in a minimal or chic room. They are made out of DiBond, which not only makes them beautiful, but also light and resistant! Our rectangular XXL ceiling roses are available with two to seven holes, making them perfect for placement over a table or a bar counter. The distance between the holes is such as to allow for space for accessories like lamp shades or bulb cages. The ceiling rose is open on the sides, so you can connect more than one in a row, or adjust the descending cables as you please. Try it with our coloured fabric cables!
Our round XXL ceiling roses, thanks to their size, are designed to have a striking effect in ample spaces. If you combine one with our fabric cables, thanks to their open design, our round XXL ceiling roses will allow you to play with your imagination and invent a unique design. Just like the rectangular ones, the distance between the holes in our round XXL ceiling roses allow for you to mix and match accessories such as bulb cages, lamp shades or any other accessory.
Posted on 2016-12-02 News