Be Creative - The Cou.Cou.Lamp of Cou.Cou.Ja

Cou.Cou.Ja is an artisanal laboratory that hails from Sardinia. It takes its name from the term "cucuia," a tender word in the island's dialect used to describe an almond that has not yet fully matured. The faces behind the name are Francesca and Luigi, who, together, create brightly coloured, strictly handmade objects inspired by forms and motifs from Japanese culture, fusing them with with their own Mediterranean aesthetic. Fish, starfish, bird houses... all of them decorated with Cou.Cou.Ja's unique patterns!
The Cou.Cou.-Lamp was crafted with painted poplar wood, decorated by laser-cutting the traditional Japanese "asanoha" leaf motif onto its surface. The roof and back of the house are covered with linen, while the electrical components have been extracted from our catalogue, for example, the white cotton cable, for a creative and chic result. It is possible to hang the lamp or set it on any surface. All you have to do is switch the inhabitant of the birdhouse that is included in the package!
All the beautiful creations of Cou.Cou.Ja. are visible on their blogFacebook and Instagram.
Posted on 2016-11-24 Be Creative!