Be Creative: Bike Lamp

Claudio Maffi is a mechanic, in addition to the man behind the brand V Motorcycles, his shop in Milan. It’s more of a design studio than a place to have your motorcycle repaired. Claudio designs exemplary and unique motorcycles with his own hands, starting from vintage models, revolutionizing their shape and obtaining quite astonishing results. His work has been displayed on many leading websites from around the world. In his project “Root’A’Matt”, Claudio intends to create a series of “objects of design built out of scrap material, principally derived from old motorcycles.
It’s logical, then, that to design this table lamp, Claudio was inspired by the world of motors and used various parts from a 1954 Mondial, a 1971 Alfa Romeo and a 1990 off-road Suzuki, completing the project with a rayon covered twisted electric cable from our collection (CCNC0445). The result is a typically industrial-style object. Claudio’s creations, of various styles, are displayed on his website and on his Facebook.
Posted on 2016-11-22 Be Creative!