Pinocchio: the adjustable wooden wall mount that’s the stuff of fairy tales!

pinocchio render

Pinocchio isn’t just a regular wall mount: it’s Creative Cables’ solution to allow you to hang any lamp, all whilst adjusting its distance from the wall.

Just like in Collodi’s fable, Pinocchio’s nose is adjustable in length and can be fixed at three different heights to fit your taste.
Pinocchio allows you to hang lamps and lamp shades of up to 50 cm in diameter. Also, it’s easy to assemble!

Pinocchio was designed for cable lamps: the cable doesn’t go through any holes, it is looped around wooden ridges on each end.

It’s 100% made in Italy out of beachtree wood and can be polished or painted of the colour of your choice! Mix and match with your favourite coloured cables to create your own personal, unique atmosphere!
This product will be posted to you in an especially designed package, making it perfect as a gift!

Posted on 2016-10-17