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Multiple Pendant Lighting outdoor

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  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 110.00 Restocking
    With the right illumination, you can achieve an intimate and welcoming atmosphere for your outdoor spaces: F-Snake is the perfect outdoor lamp when it comes to illuminating two different spots on your terrace or patio with one spotlight.Two falls with exposed lightbulbs, different finishes and the undeniable appeal of a made in Italy product. This lamp...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 112.40 Restocking
    Are you looking for an outdoor lamp with double light outlet that can be practical and appealing all at once whilst being also Made in Italy? Then you've come to the right place. This one lamp, available in different finishes, will help you host wonderful dinner parties without disagreements. Have a best friend and boyfriend that don't get along? Easy,...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 154.70 Restocking
    Rigorosamente fabbricata in italia, è realizzata con tre portalampada e due giunti della linea EIVA: tutti componenti con grado di protezione IP65, che resistono ad acqua e pioggia, insieme a un cavo con doppia ricopertura in gomma elastometrica e a una spina Schuko, perfetti tutti i tuoi ambienti esterni. E naturalmente con dei paralumi dal fascino...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 244.70 Restocking
    Created with charming metal lampshades with a retro touch, this made in Italy outdoor lamp with three light outlets is not only great to look at but it's also the ideal solution to have lights in your garden and on your patio without having to worry about summer storms. Lamp holders, roses and joints with an IP65 protection degree, that together with...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 90.80 Available
    Sofas, sunbeds, dinner or pool tables, an entryway to your summer home. Thanks to F-Snake you iwll have a single, sturdy, water resistant lamp as a solution to your every need. No connection necessary: simply place the product where it's needed and plug it in. This lamp, available in different finishes and made in Italy, has been designed with two lamp...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 93.00 Available
    Available in different finishes and 100% made in Italy. T-Snake is the outdoor lamp to hang from the gazebo, that creates a cheerful setting and many happy hours in the summer, but it can also be used over a table in the veranda for those that prefer cards and board cames to long endless talks.This option includes exposed lightbulbs, and was designed...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 135.30 Available
    Spring and summer are finally at the door, as your family and friends will soon be when you can finally go back to hosting outdoor dinners and other parties and gatherings. Of course alone time is also sacred, so great outdoor illumination can help you snuggle up on your patio with your dog and a good book. This lamp can also be moved at your pleasing,...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 225.30 Restocking
    Clean design and timeless appearance: E-Snake is the outdoor lamp constructed by Creative-Cables with three light outlets framed by metal lampshades, that can be used anywhere by simply connecting the plug.Exclusively produced in Italy, it was created with three lamp holder and two joints with IP65 protectuon degree. They are all part of the EIVA...
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items