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EIVA IP65 System

Now you can create your tailor-made outdoor lamp thanks to EIVA: the Made in Italy outdoor lighting system designed entirely by Creative-Cables....

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  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 105.20 Available
    Do you sometimes find yourself wishing for outdoor summer parties in the garden that take you back to when you were little? We can help you recreate that! We don't need a time machine, just a set of string lights to hang wherever you want!This solution, just like the others from the EIVA collection, was devised to keep you company during your evenings...
  • Outdoor nuvola
    £ 10.00 Available
    The vibrant patterns of Majolica tiles have made them an iconic symbol of Mediterranean style. They inspired us to create four unique prints for our mini Ellepì flat lampshades, to decorate any outdoor or indoor space with dazzling colour contrasts. Ride the Mediterranean wave! The mini flat lampshade comes in colourful floral patterns as well as...
  • Outdoor nuvola
    £ 9.00 Available
    What do you look for in a lampshade? If your answer is clear-cut lines and versatility, then our mini Ellepì flat lampshade in Solid Color is the perfect match for you. These mini lampshades come in primary colours and achromatic shades - and a 24 cm diameter - whilst balancing the contrast between glossy and opaque finish to give the perfect...
  • Outdoor IP65
    £ 68.50 Available
    Big City Life with a slice of Mediterranean? Bring the coast to your terrace or garden even when living in the centre of Milan thanks to Snake Eiva, the portable lamp for outdoors with IP65 waterproof lamp holder, to spruce up your outdoor spaces whilst enduring any weather.Plug in your lamp wherever you want (even by the pool!) thanks to the 5 m fabric...
Showing 49 - 52 of 52 items