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800 Lm - 810 Lm


Color Temperature

2200 K - 2300 K

Magnetico Lamps

Shine the light wherever you like! Choose your Magnetico® plug table lamp or select the Magnetico® pendel to create a pendant lamp. The magnetic...

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    A colorful pendant lamp with an essential design that can be adjusted at will.Magnetico®-pendel is an adjustable pendant lamp: the E27 magnetic lampholder can be positioned and repositioned where necessary, giving you the possibility to direct the light where you prefer! Rotate it and place it on the dedicated metal ball, then secure it to the cable...
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    Magnetico®-Plug Elegant is a magnetic lamp holder with E27 connection that can adhere to any flat ferrous surface, no matter if vertical or horizontal! It can be moved and oriented as required and can be transformed into a table or wall lamp in just a few seconds. Ready to use, it is equipped with a double-polar switch and plug and 3 metres of cable:...
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items